Youth Accounts


Let us help you get your children off to a great financial start!

FedEx Employees Credit Association is committed to helping our younger members acquire good financial habits. Become more confident about money by learning the value of saving, planning, and earning. Start With A Goal to be a successful saver. They can be big goals, small goals, goals for next month, or goals for next year. Check out what SWAG has to offer.

The SWAG Club is set up so that you can find the information that is right for you. Enter the area that matches your age group to find the products and services that will be the most helpful for you.


Cent Savers
Learn how to make saving fun and easy. Earn prizes for saving money.

AGES 0-10 years

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Smart Stashers
The perfect way to start building money management skills by learning how to budget and use an ATM card.

AGES 11-14 years

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Money Managers
Put your money management skills to the test by opening your own checking account and using a debit card.

AGES 15-22 years

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