Have some extra savings and want to earn higher dividends? Consider a share certificate.  A timed deposit for a specific amount, it’s the credit union equivalent of a certificate of deposit (CD).

There are no unknowns when you invest in a Share Certificate. You pick the deposit amount and the term.  As long as you don’t withdraw the funds before the maturity date, you’ll be able to calculate your dividends right from the start. As they say—it’s a sure thing.  And with terms between 6 months and five years, you have a wide range of options.

Our share certificates are federally insured up to $250,000, so you know your money is safe and sound.

TermAnnual Percentage Yield
Under $50,000.00
(Dividends Paid at Maturity)
6 months0.60%
12 months0.70%
24 months0.80%
36 months0.90%
48 months1.00%
60 months1.10%
$50,000.00 & up
(Dividends Paid Monthly)
6 months0.70%
12 months0.80%
24 months0.90%
36 months1.00%
48 months1.10%
60 months1.20%


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