Share Certificates

Share Certificates

Share Certificates

With competitive rates, why not earn more with our Share Certificates?* Apply Now

A Share Certificate is a timed deposit in which a specific amount of money is deposited for a specific amount of time in order to earn higher dividends.

When deciding how to invest your money, our Share Certificates are as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Choose the amount
  2. Choose the term
  3. Leave the rest to us.

Special Youth Certificates available for those up to the age of 22.
Check with us for dividend information.

Share Certificate*
TermAnnual Percentage Yield
Under $50,000.00 - Tier 16 months0.60%
12 months0.80%
24 months1.00%
36 months1.20%
48 months1.40%
60 months1.50%
$50,000.00 & up - Tier 2 (Dividends Paid Monthly)6 months0.80%
12 months1.00%
24 months1.20%
36 months1.40%
48 months1.50%
60 months1.85%
Youth Share Certificates*  
TermAnnual Percentage Yield
Under $10,00012 Months0.80% + Youth Bonus

*Rates effective June 1, 2017. For additional information, please refer to our disclaimer page.