Credit Restoration Loans

Credit Restoration Loans

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Credit Counseling Program Exclusively for Our Members!

This is the tool you need to build up your credit score!  If you are trying to restore your credit and financial health or improve it enough to qualify for better terms on your next loan then our Credit Counseling Program is for you.  This page describes the loan products available within the program.

Credit Solutions Team

A group of employees with significant experience in lending and collections, our Credit Solutions Team members are certified credit counselors through NACCC (National Association of Certified Credit Counselors).  Each team member participated in NACCC training to learn skills to empower our members toward positive change.   Topics included debt collection, psychology of spending, and options for resolving debt and improving personal credit.  The team will help members struggling with debt by providing free consultations about their specific situation with the goal of helping them improve their credit and their financial quality of life.

Click Here to email us to schedule an appointment with a certified credit counselor.

Credit Restoration Auto Loan & Credit Restoration VISA Classic Credit Card

If you’ve filed for a bankruptcy that has been discharged you may be eligible for one of our Credit Restoration Loans.  Contact us for more information about this loan type.

New Direction Personal Loan

Simply looking to improve your credit? Our New Direction Personal Loan does just that.  Members will often work with our Credit Solutions Team or a loan officer to create a personalized financial improvement plan.  Part of that plan can include a New Direction Personal Loan to start building positive credit history.

Freedom Loan

Break away from the payday lending cycle.  You know it is too expensive and with our Freedom Loan, you now have options.  This is a short term loan meant to fill a short term need for cash.  Loan amounts are available up to $750 at a fixed rate.

Share Secured Loan

If you have money saved or a share certificate you don’t plan to use right away, you can use it as collateral for a loan as small as $300 to establish a new trade line on your credit report.  Building a new positive credit reference can do wonders for your credit score.