With accounts like these, saving is fun again!



The Share Savings Account is required for membership.  Once you open your share, begin enjoying the endless possibilities the Credit Association has to offer.

Christmas Club

Don’t wait until December to start saving for the Holidays, open a Christmas Club Account and save time and money.  The funds transfer, to your Savings, in October giving you plenty of time to beat the crowds and start shopping for the holidays!

Vacation Club

It’s never too early to start saving for that trip you’ve always wanted to take and we’ve made it easy for you! Simply open a Vacation Club Account, set up payroll deductions or a recurring interbank transfer within REX Online Services, pick a date for the funds to transfer to your Savings and you’ll have the cash you need to head to the beach or the vacation destination of your choice!

Note: Our Club Accounts are designed to help members set and reach savings goals.  Withdrawals prior to the maturity date incur a $5 charge.
Share Savings Account
BalanceAnnual Percentage Yield
$500 - $999.990.03%
$1,000 - $2,999.990.08%
$3,000.00 and up0.10%
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