Value Rewards

Earn rewards everyday with VISA® ExpressCheck Card and VISA® Classic Credit Card purchases!


  • Enrollment is automatic when you have our VISA® Classic Credit Card or one of our checking accounts with a VISA® Express Check Card – simply use your card to earn points.
  • Earn one point for every $2 in purchases with your VISA® ExpressCheck card when you use the card as credit rather than use your PIN.  Earn one point for every $2 in purchases on all VISA® Classic Credit Card purchases.
  • Combine with family members and earn/redeem together for vacations, TVs and more!
  • Redeem for great products online or over the phone.
  • Have our VISA® Classic Credit Card AND our VISA® Express Check Card?  Great! Your points will accumulate even faster as they accumulate in one ValueRewards account for the primary account holder.

It’s easy! Simply apply for our VISA® Classic Credit Card or just open a Checking account, activate your ExpressCheck card, and start shopping to begin earning rewards!

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