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audrey p Roland B. 2017 Bendix Grand Champion of NTDC FedEx Express Driver since 1994. FECA member since 1995. I joined when I was just starting out at FedEx. I was the only income in the house and we had two young daughters, a car and a mortgage. I was looking for a new car loan and you guys had the best rates. Any time I need a personal loan or a car loan, I always think of you guys - I don't even think of the other guys. I also use your shared branch network. There's not a branch where I live, so if I need cash I just swing by one of your shared branches or ATMs. It's not a problem. member story roland roland bolducp Audrey P. Sr. Service Agent at FedEx since 1974. FECA member since 1974. I remember when Mr. Smith himself announced the opening of the credit union, back when FedEx was still so small. I joined right away. Then in 1976, I was in a financial crisis and needed a small loan but I had no collateral. I went to FECA, told them my story and asked for help. They lent me money to help me get back on my feet. I paid everything back and I've never had to borrow again. It's a life-changing experience for a person to get that kind of help. FECA really means it when they say that they are 'people helping people.' member story audrey roland bolducp Robert B. Former FedEx Hub employee. FECA member since 2012. I remember my coworkers encouraging me to join because of the great FECA offers. I really like banking online, it's so convenient for all the transfers I do. I have 3 accounts and move money between them a lot. But I still like coming into the branch every now and then. Because it's good people, good vibes. member story robert


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For the safety of our members, certain branch lobbies are temporarily closed or have limited access.
Currently Collierville, Hacks Cross, Harrison, & Pittsburgh Branches are CLOSED.

Three branches are open but are available by appointment only:

Due to closed branches, our call-center is experiencing a high call volume.
To avoid longer than usual wait times, we encourage members to access their accounts remotely by logging in online or by using our mobile app.

Call Center Information:
(800) 228-8513 or (901) 344-2500 within the Memphis area Mon-Fri, 7:30am-10:00pm central
Sat, 9:00am-5:00pm central
Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm central