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Grow your business with us! Apply for a business loan today.

Grow your business with a FedEx Employees Credit Association business loan or line of credit. We have built our business lending program with the same member first philosophy that has made all of our lending services the first choice among our members. The credit union difference really shines through when you rely on our business lending program for your business’s capital and cash flow needs. After all, we are not for profit – and that’s what allows us to focus so much more on your needs than what you may have experienced elsewhere.

Need a business loan? We are ready to help. It’s easy!

Our business lending product line includes:

  • Real Estate Loans (includes investment property)
  • Business Vehicle Loans

How to Apply for a Business Loan

Our Application Checklist will help you locate and prepare the documentation we will need to evaluate and underwrite your business loan application. Click the button below to print this very clear and helpful resource. When you are ready to submit your application, please call us at 901-344-2500 or 800-228-8513. We look forward to working with you!

Application Checklist

Business Loan Forms

Business Loan Application Personal Financial Statement Business Debt Schedule
Business lending services at the Credit Association are not available for Bars and Restaurants, Adult/Other Entertainment, Gambling or Bingo Halls, Auto or RV dealerships, Properties with unresolved environmental issues, Salvage Yards, Gas Stations/Oil Refineries/Pipeline/Chemical manufacturing, Dry Cleaners (unless cleaning is done off-site), Skilled Nursing Care, Daycares, Marijuana centered businesses or other drug dispensaries.