REX Online Services Upgrade

REX Online Services now has a new look and feel. Check out the changes from a desktop computer to see the enhancements.

What’s Changed?

  • Physical changes apply to the desktop version of REX only – the look and functionality of all mobile apps will stay the same.
  • Quickly locate your MICR # for your account by checking the ‘Account Info’ screen. This is the number that is printed on the bottom of your personal checks and is used for electronic transactions into and out of your account.
  • Make withdrawals from your Club Accounts. You no longer need to call a representative.
  • Choose your very own customized layout with MyREX or stick with the standard one. Either way it’s your choice to see what is important to you first on the screen. Add, remove, or change the order of the widgets in each column to personalize your REX experience.

The log-in process is not changing, enjoy the new features.