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Finding your way around a new website is sort of like getting a new car. It looks great and feels good, but figuring out how it works can be tricky.  Here are a few tips to help make it easier to navigate our new site:

Menus. Our main menu at the top of every page covers our four main products/services – savings, checking, loans, investments – as well as our Online/Mobile services and an About Us section. Quicklinks to all other categories can be found in the footer.

Footer. Our footer is enlarged to accommodate all ancillary products and services. This is where you’ll find things like benefits and rewards programs, member education, car buying services, wire transfers, insurance, disclosures, and any forms and applications you may need.

Click and scroll (like you do on a mobile phone). If things don’t seem to appear when you click on them, try scrolling down. The info is probably waiting for you.

The layout is “responsive,” which means it will automatically adapt to whatever device you’re using.  So it will look a little different on your phone or tablet than it does on your computer.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, save yourself the stress and use the search feature (spy glass icon) in the header.


You can click our logo in the header to get back to the home page from any page you’re on.


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