Fall Winter Skip a Pay


Skip your worries and stress this fall by skipping your loan payments!  For just $25, Skip your November, December, or January payment on each of a variety of loans: Auto Loan, Signature Loan, Line of Credit, Motorcycle, and others!




October 31st for November Skip a Pay

November 30th for December Skip a Pay

December 31st for January Skip a Pay



  • Only one month skipped per loan.
  • Excludes Freedom Loans, Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Visas, CR Auto, FT Auto, New Direction Auto, Delinquent Loans, loans less than 3 months old and bankruptcy accounts.
  • Standard restrictions as laid out in our disclaimer summary.

Please Note:

Interest will continue to accrue on unpaid loan balance during no payment period.


Only 4 weeks skipped per month.  November Skip a Pay will cover 11/9/18 – 11/30/18.