Domestic Wire Request Submitted

Outgoing Domestic Wire Request Submitted

Thank you for submitting a wire transfer request. Just a few reminders:


  • Funds must be available at the time of the wire.  They’ll be taken along with applicable fees at the time of processing.
  • Call back verifications are performed on all outgoing wire requests. Make sure all contact numbers we have on file are up-to-date!

To update your contact info: Log in to your account and send us a secure message by clicking on “Contact” (at the top), then “New.” In the body of the message, type “New Contact Information” along with your current information.

  • For foreign wires, you may be asked to sign and submit an agreement before the funds are sent.
  • Once the wire is sent, please allow 2-3 business hours for posting. Check with the receiving FI for confirmation.
  • For additional information or special requests, call us at 800-228-8513 option 6, ext. 2505 or 901-344-2505 from the Memphis area.


Wire requests input here are for convenience only.  We do not guarantee funds will be sent.