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Who We Are. We are the financial institution for FedEx employees, FedEx retirees, and their family and household members. We are a full-service federal credit union exclusively serving FedEx Corporation and its companies.

What We Do. We provide a full suite of banking products and services, with options to meet every level of need.  We offer checking and savings accounts; auto, mortgage and home equity loans; personal and small business loans; and investment services.

Why We Do It. Our special and unique relationship with FedEx makes us dedicated to and focused on their employees’ specific needs.  Every decision we make starts from our vision of enabling FedEx families to achieve their best financial life possible.


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The drive-up ATM at the Nonconnah Branch is temporarily out of order.
The walk-up ATM remains available.

For the safety of our members, certain branch lobbies are temporarily closed.
Currently only the DFW, Harrison, Indianapolis, Dexter and Nonconnah branches are open.

If you prefer, you may request an appointment at the following locations:

To avoid longer than usual wait times, we encourage members to access their accounts remotely by logging in online or by using our mobile app.

Call Center Information:
(800) 228-8513 or (901) 344-2500 within the Memphis area

Mon-Fri, 7:30am-10:00pm central
Sat, 9:00am-5:00pm central
Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm central