July 26, 2017 Marketing

Why:  As a federal credit union, we don’t have customers. We have members. Our members are our owners, and when we do well, the benefits of our success are reinvested in better rates, less and lower fees, better service, and increased reserves to maintain our strength and stability.

Who:  Membership is open to all FedEx employees, FedEx retirees, immediate family and household members (spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren).  Your membership lasts a lifetime, regardless of your employment status with FedEx.  Once a member, always a member!

How:  Online or in-branch:  fill out a membership application and open a savings account with a $25.00 deposit.  That $25.00 is your “par value share” – i.e your ownership stake – in FECA.  You will need to maintain this $25.00 in your savings account the entire time you are a member.